Opinion Line (Aug. 13)

08/12/2014 8:07 PM

08/13/2014 12:34 PM

Tea party candidates should realize by now that running for federal office, particularly against an incumbent politician, isn’t for most novices. They should run for local or state office and develop the skills needed to move up.

Thank you, Republican Governors Association, for reminding me the reasons to vote for Paul Davis for governor.

I didn’t vote for Gov. Sam Brownback in the primary, but I’ll support him come November over a moderate-to-liberal who wants to raise taxes and spending through the roof.

Thank the Democrats for supporting the unemployment and welfare programs. Thank the Republicans for creating the necessity for those programs.

The world is imploding and we have an incompetent in the White House. Pray.

We will not put boots on the ground. We will not put boots on the ground. OK, President Obama, we get it. So do all of our enemies and our allies who live in a very dangerous world.

Obama could not acquire an agreement to keep a residual force to maintain Iraqi sovereignty. Who was the secretary of state who could not secure the agreement? Hillary Clinton.

The powerful United States is afraid of an army of 10,000 men? Of course they behead, rape and murder – that way they will scare you into being afraid so you don’t want to fight them. I say we bomb them and turn the sand to glass.

We should be carpet bombing Iraq, Syria, or any civil war, with food and water.

I don’t have children to buy school supplies for, but I am happy to assist those who have children but are unable (for whatever reason) to afford their own supplies. At some point in our lives, everyone needs – and hopefully receives – a helping hand.

What are we teaching the children whose parents rely on the programs that provide food, school supplies, babysitting before and after school, and generally do the support that parents normally provide? What reason would they have to break this cycle?

Let the people vote on marijuana and we’ll see who has the numbers.

Two Wichita treasures, Music Theatre Wichita and Wayne Bryan. I’m already looking forward to next season.

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