Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 12)

08/11/2014 7:01 AM

08/13/2014 12:34 PM

I predict that President Obama will be the first president to move his family out of the country after his term in office.

When the president refers to the “do-nothing” Congress, he must be talking about the Democrat-controlled Senate, which has more than 300 House bills in its inbox that have not been voted upon.

Conservatives want Obama to send refugees back to the peril they risk their lives to escape. For political gain Republicans lambaste Obama for intervening in Iraq to prevent genocide. What’s wrong with these people, and what America are they from?

OK, here’s something this do-nothing president could do with his phone and his pen that is actually legal: Call Mexico and tell it to release Andrew Tahmooressi. Republicans should make this an issue this November. It would take about 60 seconds.

Greece is bankrupt. Portugal is in trouble. Several other European countries are teetering on the verge of insolvency. Cradle-to-grave welfare entitlements, public employee unions and socialism have all but destroyed European vigor. When considering Detroit and even California, the view of our future is ominous.

Every time the convicted Carr brothers are in the news, it would be nice to see pictures of all the innocent victims they so cruelly tortured and murdered. We are weary of looking at these murderers.

This staunch conservative is for legalization of marijuana. Not because I use it or advocate using it; I do neither. It’s a freedom thing – we don’t need Big Brother telling us what to smoke (or not). Besides, what a boon it would be for Kansas agriculture.

Regarding the primary election: It’s official. Wichita is the dumbest place on Earth.

I see that Gov. Sam Brownback says it is Obama's fault that 37 percent of Republicans voted against him in the primary. What? That has to be the goofiest thing I have ever heard.

It was my understanding that the governor’s race is Sam Brownback versus Paul Davis, not Brownback against Obama.

Regardless of the one-sided political culture, Wichita has maintained a better-than-average business climate that is hungry for offbeat innovations. Lighten up, Wichita, and encourage bold innovation. Give thanks for business variety.

I was on the fence regarding the 1-cent sales tax until it was reported where the Koch brothers stood on the issue. If the Koch brothers are against it, then I’m definitely all for it.

High gasoline prices are your own fault. You allowed the largest marketer in town to buy your loyalty for $.01 per gallon for years and now you are paying for it. Contact the marketer, not the government.

I think my newborn son might have ESP. All he does is eat, sleep and poop.

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