Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 11)

08/10/2014 7:02 AM

08/13/2014 12:34 PM

Can we send a citation to the city for not mowing weeds in the area of Kellogg and Webb? Getting off the turnpike and seeing all the weeds is really a wonderful first impression of Wichita. We understand construction is on hold, but what about making our city look nice?

A brave individual lost his life attempting to remove a piece of drywall from K-96 west of Rock Road. After law enforcement personnel have been to the scene, why are there still large pieces of drywall strung along the side of the road?

You know what would be nice? If drivers wouldn’t follow too closely in the first place.

Tailgaters are the ones who need to grow up and stop being childish. A person can only go as fast as the car in front of them, so riding my bumper doesn’t benefit anyone.

Kansas got it wrong. Four reasons to leave Kansas: Huelskamp, Kobach, Ranzau, Pompeo.

Who is Sam Brownback running against? Paul Davis or Barack Obama? P.S. The bailouts worked and saved many (not all ) jobs.

I cannot believe that Brownback blamed Obama for the Republicans fighting among themselves. This goes to show you that Republicans will blame the president for things that are not even his fault. This alone shows Brownback should not be re-elected.

Do not blame the Republicans or Democrats for being obstructionists. Blame Harry Reid. There are hundreds of bills passed by the House that Reid will not bring to the Senate floor. You will have to ask him whether he is doing the president’s bidding or just his own.

Some Democrats are now admitting that Obama’s presidency is spiraling downward. Problems with national debt are compounded by the immigration crisis, the Obamacare mess and vexing overseas dilemmas. Our president is proving incapable of handling the job.

It looks like Vladimir Putin has once again snookered President Obama.

Our former ambassador to the United Nations has stated that the world is descending into chaos under Obama’s lack of leadership. Wake up, America.

My take is that Obama will give amnesty to the illegals so that he will lose both houses of Congress in November. Then he can take two solid years of vacation while complaining that Congress won’t work with him. He couldn’t even lead Honduras on his best day.

The person who invented Preparation H should have won the Nobel Prize for medicine. Instead, a Nobel was given to Obama?

A recent letter to the editor decried efforts to decriminalize marijuana and claimed we don’t need to make it easier for people to use “hallucinogenic drugs.” Pot is an hallucinogen now? I’ve clearly been smoking the wrong pot.

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