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08/08/2014 7:02 AM

08/13/2014 12:34 PM

Wichita has become a hidden cultural gem embedded in the frontier strip. It may be behind in many things, but a mixed culture is one of its best attractions.

What is the big deal about making weed legal? Alcohol and cigarettes are legal, and they kill more people than weed. People who smoke weed are not violent. The same cannot be said for people who drink alcohol. All the crime now is because drugs are illegal.

Tell me again how harmless marijuana is and why it should be legal? I keep forgetting.

Please don’t legalize marijuana. It will kill my fun of calling the cops on my neighbors.

Democrat Gov. Kathleen Sebelius appointed most of the Kansas Supreme Court justices who decided to give the Carr brothers a slap on the wrist instead of the real punishment they deserve.

Anyone who votes in a tax increase should be required to seek medical attention.

If you do not like what Congress is doing, then do not send the same people back who will continue to do exactly as they have. You are are the boss, and they work for you. Vote them out. It’s as simple as changing your underwear.

If arrogance and extremism are desirable qualifications for politicians, Kansas has no shortage of fantastic Republican candidates.

Sam Brownback continues to call Paul Davis a Lawrence-based, Obama-styled Democrat. If this is true Brownback should be very worried, since Obama polls better than Brownback in Kansas.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Brownback is a bumbler. He knows exactly what he is doing in cutting taxes. It is not about jobs and prosperity. He is purposefully underfunding government to kill it. His Orwellian-named Americans for Prosperity overlords have laid out the road map, and he is following it.

Iraq is close to catastrophe. Barack Obama had a lot to do with the situation there. He is a catastrophe.

We wore hand-me-downs and ate what was put in front of us, although it wasn’t low-fat and healthy. We survived. There will come a day when all children receive all clothes, supplies and lunches at school. Parents will only have to get them to school.

I would like to see the ads tell us where products are made or manufactured. Then people can decide if they want to support another country or our own country.

Please do not water your lawn in the morning during the hours when people are getting ready for work. It is difficult to take a shower when there is no water pressure.

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