Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 7)

08/07/2014 12:00 AM

08/06/2014 6:03 PM

Marijuana is a gateway drug. Can you think of any pot user who does not increase usage and add pills, beer or alcohol to use with it? It is addictive, and you will smoke it forever trying to hit your first high again and never will. Quit using medical reasons as an excuse.

I listened to Sen. Pat Roberts’ campaign radio ads, and they didn’t mention his accomplishments. Doesn’t he have any?

Some may think Roberts lives here. I will not vote for someone who rents a room for a residence, or someone who has been in Congress 34 years. Kansas can do better.

Terms limits, please. Roberts has been in office longer than I have been alive. That’s just not right.

I’m not a fundamentalist or a gun nut. I like wind and solar power and maybe Obamacare. I don’t hate the government, the liberals or the French. I speak a little Spanish. I read a book occasionally. I don’t watch Fox News. Just whom was I supposed to vote for this August?

The only time a Republican is concerned with your health is when you’re working for them.

I travel regularly between Wichita, McPherson and Salina. I rarely buy gas in Wichita because of the price differences. Last week Salina’s gas was 16 cents per gallon lower than Wichita’s. Where’s the news media demanding investigations into price gouging, as they constantly did when George Bush was president?

EPA’s proposed coal plant regulations are designed to be hugely expensive. The added cost will be assumed by consumers in the form of higher prices for almost everything we buy. If these new rules are allowed to go into effect, we can be sure energy prices will skyrocket.

Mr. President, please stop doing “stuff.” You only have a short time before leaving office. Please just play golf until the end of your term.

I’ve got an easy fix for past-due fees on false alarms. First send a warning. Then shut off their water. You can still answer their alarms, and meanwhile they can use bottled water and go to the YMCA for showers.

The recent measles outbreak is an example of what happens when we allow stupidity and religious fanaticism into the mainstream. Parents who fail to immunize their children should be charged with child abuse and the children removed from their care.

Another botched execution. Why don’t they just go back to hanging? That worked for centuries.

I’m stunned at the idea that anyone could forget that a child was in a car. We never hear about children who are left in cars during freezing weather. Have deaths been caused by that? Easy solution: Never leave a child or an animal unattended anywhere.

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