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08/07/2014 12:00 AM

08/06/2014 5:13 PM

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Now that the election is over, all candidates need to send their volunteers out and pick up all the yard signs that have cluttered up our city.

Was the change in voting places without notification a plan to discourage people from voting? Good job, Kris Kobach.

I think voter ID might be a good idea. I visited the cemetery Tuesday and saw several “I voted” stickers on the tombstones.

The Republican candidates in the Kansas primary did such an effective job of informing me of their opponents’ shortcomings that I am convinced not to vote for any of them on Nov. 4.

Obama spent the past few weeks fundraising for Democrats and returned to Washington, D.C., in time for another few rounds of insults to those in Congress who disagree with him. A real leader would spend the time working on relationships with the people elected to get things done.

A vote for any Republican candidate this November is a vote for further gridlock and inactivity.

It’s almost like we are in a second civil war. Instead of the North versus the South we have the Democrats versus the Republicans. I keep waiting for the sound of gunfire. It’s getting nasty out there.

The federal government is throwing more money at the VA after its failures and cover-ups. Somehow that is always the solution in Washington, D.C.

Why aren’t dog owners being severely fined when they are the problem by not keeping their dogs restrained? I guess you just figure it’s a lot easier to pick on the elderly and ruin their mail delivery.

Many thanks to the Westar Energy employee who saved my small dog and wife from being bitten by a pit bull dog in northeast Wichita. He was the hero of the day.

Rather than memorialize the roadside location of an accident victim’s final painful dying moments with pictures, plastic flowers or stuffed teddy bears, wouldn’t it be kinder to memorialize the victim by contributing a few dollars to the family or to a charity in the victim’s name?

The slow driver who plans to block traffic and then speed up so people behind can’t pass is going to find out what road rage is all about.

If someone is driving too closely behind you, let them go past. Speeding up or slowing down to aggravate them is immature and a great way to cause an accident.

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