Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 8)

08/07/2014 5:29 PM

08/13/2014 12:34 PM

To counter the “punitive” sanctions President Obama and the EU have imposed on Russia, Vladimir Putin announced a complete ban on all U.S. agriculture products as well as imports of all fruits and and vegetables from the EU. The match time clock is ticking. Your move, Obama.

There will be no place on Earth for Obama and any Democrat to hide should Ebola spread in this country because they allowed infected people into the country.

Even Harry Reid’s refusal to vote on anything does not give the president license to tear up the Constitution.

The Department of Homeland Security’s horrifying “If you see something, say something” campaign is something I thought I’d never see in our beloved America. What have we become? Whether you realize it or not, the police state is upon us.

This state needs a political lobotomy. Republican re-elections are downright stupid and offensive. What’s the matter with Kansas?

Anyone who tells you coal is clean is blowing smoke up your butt and is probably invested in the coal industry.

Court hearings in first-degree murder cases are usually unbearable for the deceased’s family. Status hearings are frequently postponed for frivolous reasons, such as that the defense attorney went out of state for his mother’s birthday. The caring family often becomes the victims, but there is excessive concern for criminal rights.

To the wife of the 40-year educator: Good for him, but please don’t whine. At least he has a job when many others do not.

I remember when the Mars rover named Sojourner first made headlines. Soon after there were ads to buy land on Mars. Using Sen. Pat Roberts’ criteria, I think that qualifies me as a Martian citizen.

Regarding voter registration after moving from Butler County to Sedgwick County: I moved from Sedgwick County to Butler County. I did not have to requalify for voting. You change your driver license and take it with you to the poll – very simple. Something went wrong over in Sedgwick County.

My polling place is the Sedgwick County Zoo. I wonder if more voters would have shown up to vote if the zoo had offered its $1 entrance fee Tuesday, as it did a few days ago.

There is no way to have a no-call list with every politician calling all day and night. No peaceful mealtime either. If you turn on the television, it is either a political ad or an ambulance-chasing lawyer at every break. We need to turn off the phone and TV for a peaceful day.

“Make medical marijuana legal” (Aug. 5 Letters to the Editor) hit the nail on the head. People are being deceived by the pharmaceutical companies about marijuana because it will hurt them most if it is legalized – in their billfold. Wise up, Kansas.

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