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August 7, 2014

Opinion Line (Aug. 8)

Kansans just cannot learn from their mistakes. Kris Kobach again? Really?

Kansans just cannot learn from their mistakes. Kris Kobach again? Really?

This must be a joke. Rep. Tim Huelskamp won his primary? He voted against the farm bill and is kicked off committees for not getting along. Kansas farmers who voted for him must have been in the sun too long.

The editorial boards of The Eagle, the Salina Journal and the Hutchinson News now know what the whole country found out in Kansas: The voters prevail, not the liberal media.

Now Milton Wolf can go back to his hobby of putting offensive photos on the Internet.

The primary should be a wake-up call to Sen. Pat Roberts that his approval rating is less than 50 percent in the state. If someone besides a wacko had run against Roberts, he would be cleaning out his Washington office this year.

I thought the media said the tea party was dead. Yet an incumbent, long-term Republican escapes by just a handful of percentage points.

After the tea party’s failed effort to oust Roberts, I hope the good senator can spend his final six years doing what he has done best – representing Kansans.

I heard Mike Pompeo say on TV that he ran a good and positive campaign. Is he nuts? Totally out of touch? A politician who wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the face?

If you asked President Obama if he remembers fighting with Mike Pompeo, he’d probably say, “Who?”

Congratulations to Newton for its City Commission’s 4-0 vote last week on disapproving 30 illegals being sent to town. I don’t want to throw away more aid to people not paying their way while also negatively directly affecting my grandchildren in Newton schools.

Hamas is the bully, Israel the victim, and the Obama administration is the clueless teacher who scolds the victim for fighting back.

What do you think those tunnels were built for in Gaza? They sure weren’t for mass transit. More like for mass deaths of Israelis. Would you feel better if Israel invited Hamas in to kill hundreds of its civilians? Educate yourselves, then put the blame where it belongs.

In a land occupied by Christians, Muslims and Jews, the U.N. created a Jewish theocracy in 1948. Israeli Jews, once the victims of genocidal acts, continue the genocide, with U.S. support, against Palestinians in refugee camps in Gaza and the West Bank.

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