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August 6, 2014

Opinion Line (Aug. 6)

Legalize marijuana? Brace yourself, Wichita. We may be about to enter the stoned age.

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Legalize marijuana? Brace yourself, Wichita. We may be about to enter the stoned age.

Why is the GOP against legalizing marijuana? It would create new businesses, new jobs, and a new taxable crop for farmers. We could stop wasting taxpayers’ money on a failed government program. There would be less government regulation. I say let the free market decide.

The Eagle editorial on Aug. 1 regarding voter ID was slanted. I support Kris Kobach’s work on reorganizing voting requirements for all Americans. I’m tired of hearing about how blacks are suffering about it. They’re not, and neither are whites. Get real with complete and correct information, all you underinformed.

I have been a registered voter in Kansas for 21 years, but after moving from Butler to Sedgwick County I have to get a duplicate birth certificate to vote. Thank you, Kris Kobach, for making me take a day off work to prove I have been an American all my life.

This will be my husband’s 40th year as an educator in Kansas. This year he even had to buy his own desk chair. “Thanks,” Gov. Brownback.

Wichita will not participate in a new program that would offer free meals to every student regardless of family income. Finally, someone understands we have to pay our way.

The only time I ever wanted to see the Carr brothers’ names in the news again was to see their death sentences carried out. I feel for the victims’ families. Our justice system is ridiculous.

I have respected the Kansas Supreme Court justices’ collective political courage in enforcing our state constitution by standing up to the Legislature, requiring adequate funding of public education. But Kansas voters won’t bother reading the 500-page Carr brothers decision that will be the epitaph of the justices’ judicial careers.

Citizens know what to do. Voters will turn out all Supreme Court justices responsible for overturning the Carr brothers’ convictions at the next retention election. We’re not going to take this injustice anymore.

I wonder if all the people condemning Israel’s bombing of Gaza would let their neighbors shoot at them all day and all night everyday and think nothing should be done about it.

The CIA is accused of improperly accessing computers used by the Senate Intelligence Committee. Who knew that the Senate had an intelligent committee?

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