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08/05/2014 12:00 AM

08/04/2014 6:40 PM

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Have our leaders lost their minds? It is insane to deliberately bring Ebola into the Western Hemisphere. No one is worth the risk of an outbreak in the U.S.

Why are we allowing the Ebola virus to enter the United States? Why can’t the “experimental” treatment be shipped to Africa, where it belongs?

I hope we wake up soon. We are at war with the drug cartels in Mexico, and in war one of the most common strategies is a diversion. Because we are a compassionate nation, what better diversion than 50,000 lonely, starving, scared children? They did not get here unfunded.

It looks like hatred, selfishness, lack of compassion, and bigotry are alive and well in Newton.

If our nation turns its back on the Central American child refugees, the Lord will turn his back on our nation.

Candidates should be limited to one commercial per election year. You know politics are corrupt when candidates spend much more on commercials than they will ever earn on the job. How about we elect senators and congressmen as we do juries? Randomly pick them and see what happens.

Vote or don’t complain. Period.

Democrats hate any proposal that makes government smaller. They will not compromise on this point.

I rarely missed a workday in my life, knowing that my family depended on my paycheck for food and shelter. That is the message Obama should be sending, instead of encouraging slackers to reach into my pocket for their support.

This latest attempt to have Obama impeached is laughable. Remember the birthers? This latest effort is being run by Rush Limbaugh and his sheep followers. Not liking a president because he was twice elected does not qualify for impeachment proceedings.

We the people of these United States need to file a lawsuit to sue the speaker of the House and all members of Congress (GOP and Democrats) for not doing anything. And make them pay for the cost of the lawsuit.

The Wichita City Council must reduce the expansion of the proposed bus routes. There is no evidence there is a demand for such an expansion. That is a waste of taxpayer dollars and will cause the voters to reject the proposed tax increase.

Great timing. The Mount Vernon and Oliver intersection will be under construction right next to Allen Elementary just when school is ready to open. Why do we need a planning department?

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