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08/02/2014 12:00 AM

08/01/2014 4:57 PM

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People often spend so much time paying attention to national elections that they forget local and state government elections result in the most direct impact to daily living. Keep your eyes local, people.

We are so tired of hearing ads for Mike Pompeo that we plan to vote for someone else just to end them. He will be so busy answering to all of these groups running ads for him that he won’t have time to take care of Kansans.

Why did Pompeo leave the Army if he was such a dedicated military person?

The Wichita Eagle editorial board’s decision not to endorse Milton Wolf was very disappointing. The reasons it listed for not endorsing him are the very reasons he should receive everyone’s support.

Did you see how Pat Roberts reacted when he was challenged to a debate? He looked meek and cowardly and ran away. What happened to the macho former Marine?

All these political signs are getting in the way of garage sale signs.

In Kansas City on Wednesday, the president and his entourage dined on world-famous barbecue. The rest of America only got more Obama baloney.

House Republicans are suing the president for delaying implementation of part of Obamacare, which they didn’t want the president to implement anyway? Talk about the height of stupidity and hypocrisy. Why do we keep voting for these jerks?

A mental health patient carried a loaded revolver into a hospital and murdered a caseworker. A psychiatrist had a gun and used it to shoot the gunman. By using his firearm, this brave man saved his own life and the lives of many others.

Our president claims he is fighting against poverty in our country, but continues to invite it though his open borders.

What would Jesus do? I would hope he would have enough compassion for these immigrant children to make their home countries a place where they could live in peace and safety so that their parents would not have to abandon them.

If those illegal immigrant kids were fertilized eggs, they’d get a lot more sympathy from the Republicans.

Arabs and Jews are both Semites – brothers from another mother.

It is fun to watch Boeing CEO Jim McNerney squirm and panic over the potential loss of the financing from the closure of the Export-Import Bank. It is the same feeling he imparts on employees and communities when he divests and closes plants like Wichita’s.

Strength training at the Y has really helped. I can now carry $90 worth of groceries with one hand.

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