Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 1)

08/01/2014 12:00 AM

07/31/2014 9:34 PM

There are more than 300 bills from Republicans on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s desk. All are just sitting there. So, Democrats, stop asking for the Republicans to put bills out there when in fact Reid is just doing his God thing and not doing his job.

House Speaker John Boehner and the Republicans want to sue President Obama? OK. The legal fees and costs should all come from the Republicans, not the taxpayers.

Obama calls for other nations around the world to resolve their problems in negotiation sessions. He is doing this by lambasting Republicans from the dais at fundraising events. Really? Let him practice what he is preaching.

To the people who keep whining about taxes: Renounce your citizenship and move where there are no taxes. Taxes are needed for streets, water, armies and, yes, helping the less fortunate.

I understand that because of greed, our country will be able to last maybe another 100 years. Where will the world get its aid, medicine and food? I’m genuinely concerned.

Was I awake? I think I finally heard my first campaign commercial with one of them saying what they want to accomplish if in office, instead of just bashing the other’s political life. It was on radio, of all things. Wow, Toto, we are in Kansas.

I want to thank the multiple mailers I have gotten from Kansans for Life outlining all the candidates it is endorsing. Now I know whom to vote for – which is none of its endorsed candidates.

Yep, we do exist. Don’t pretend we are not here. Signed: Democrats in Kansas.

If Maize and Andover residents should be allowed vote on my taxes because they frequent Wichita, then illegal immigrants should be allowed to vote in federal elections since they frequent America and live under its laws.

Shame on the parks department for using a small lawn-mowing service to mow and groom our city parks, especially Buffalo Park. Buffalo Park should be mowed with a tractor pulling a mower, not a riding lawn mower. It should also be mowed more than once a month.

Every taxpaying citizen in the state knows the Carr brothers will die from old age in a Kansas prison before ever being executed. It has been 49 years since Kansas executed an inmate, so why bother with new trials?

My dad used to talk about the worst decision the Kansas Supreme Court ever issued. I think that has now been surpassed with the overturning of the death sentences for the Carr brothers. My sympathy to the families of the victims. When will they receive justice?

It’s outrageous the Carr brothers are still breathing. How many people have to be terrorized and killed before the Supreme Court of Kansas will uphold its sworn duty of justice and protection of our community?

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