Opinion Line Extra (July 31)

07/31/2014 12:00 AM

07/30/2014 5:12 PM

Impeach the president? For what? The president who should have been impeached was George W. Bush, for dragging us into an unnecessary and wasteful war in Iraq and lying about why we needed to go there.

Someone who calls 911 because they felt a small earthquake is Democrat dumb, because only a Democrat believes that government can or will help them in an emergency.

I don’t need The Wichita Eagle editorial board to tell me who to vote for. I am many years over 21 and can make up my own mind. If someone else has to tell you who to vote for, you should not be voting anyway.

How can Americans for Prosperity advertise for Mike Pompeo protecting our constitutional rights when he supports NSA data mining?

If Todd Tiahrt is to have any chance of unseating Mike Pompeo, he must promise to never affiliate himself with Americans for Prosperity or any other organization, person or persons with a similar agenda to AFP. He can always renege on any campaign promises he’s made once elected to office.

Pat Roberts has sunk to the lowest of the low. I’m voting for Milton Wolf.

Marines should be slighted by Roberts acknowledging that he was a Marine. Their smart, warriorlike qualities that get the job done are a far cry from the 47 years in Washington during which Roberts accomplished little and was effective as a lamb.

In a few years this country will be the Koch Industries United States, and we will no longer need those pesky politicians.

The Kansas Supreme Court has turned itself into a bad joke.

The death penalty is legal in Kansas. Why do these murderers keep getting a chance to appeal? Twelve years later and no enforcement. The system has failed the families of the Carrs’ victims.

To those who say raising the minimum wage will raise prices and cost jobs: You may want to look at what happened when Henry Ford doubled the salary of his factory workers. All the other auto manufacturers said he would go broke. Instead he became the largest auto manufacturer in the world.

In considering whether to legalize marijuana, observe the litigants with medical marijuana licenses from California on the daytime TV court shows. Their brains are so fried they can no longer think, speak or make any sense at all. Do you want everyone brain-dead?

Jesse Ventura is not a man at all. He is a coward of the worst kind.

Thomas the Tank Engine is racist? Does that make the election of a new pope a racist act, too? After all, the Vatican uses black and white colors of smoke, too.

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