Opinion Line (July 31)

07/31/2014 12:00 AM

07/30/2014 5:12 PM

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Now that everyone has seen what happens with Republican policies in Kansas, why would anyone vote for a Republican for governor, secretary of state, senator, representative or president ever again?

Sam Brownback is moving in the right direction. We need to keep moving forward. A vote for Paul Davis would be a mistake.

Brownback’s Kansas economy. What a Laffer.

At this point, supporting a Democrat in any way running for any political office anywhere in the country is tantamount to committing treason.

The subject of our president’s impeachment is only a political ploy by the Democrats to gain the sympathy votes of the uninformed.

Let the Republicans go ahead and impeach Obama. It’ll just be the other barrel of the same shotgun that backfired on them when they tried to impeach Clinton. This time, though, the Republicans have no firm ground to stand on and will be knocked off their feet.

The vitriol for the president will have reached fever pitch when someone publishes a book or films a movie about how to assassinate him, as George W. Bush endured.

It seems the whole issue with the VA is based on management getting bonuses. Easy fix: Stop all bonuses. And inform managers that if they don’t like their government job and benefits, they can quit.

You wouldn’t know it by the media headlines, but the Israelis are the good guys and Hamas in Gaza are the bad guys. Hamas started this war, and I would like to see Israel end it.

Ask Todd Tiahrt what he thinks of the Export-Import Bank. The tea party hates it, but it’s a welfare program for Boeing, so he probably loves it.

Shame on the local TV stations that sold out and are running the Pat Roberts ad that begins with a “breaking news” graphic similar to that used when there is a public safety issue to report. And more shame on Roberts for using the graphic for his own greedy purpose.

The term “breaking news” should not be allowed to get one’s attention for a campaign ad. Political ads do not qualify to use this verbiage.

Unfortunately, negative ads are so prevalent in election years because they work. If you want them to stop, don’t vote for candidates who use them.

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