Opinion Line Extra (July 30)

07/30/2014 12:00 AM

07/29/2014 7:18 PM

On Tuesday the price of gas went up a dime per gallon. I just checked and saw the wholesale price per gallon continues to go down. Someone is getting in our pockets.

A small town in Florida has banned wearing baggy pants. Every time I see someone with clothes that I find objectionable I think back to the disco days. That reminds me not to criticize anyone's fashion sense.

Already suffering high unemployment rates, teenagers, especially black teens, can expect even fewer job opportunities if the minimum wage is raised.

If the Founding Fathers had hidden from criticism the way Obama does, we would never have had a country. But, of course, that’s Obama’s aim today – no country.

So I see the latest ad for Mike Pompeo says Mike Pompeo was sent to Washington to represent us, and it’s sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. Yeah, I understand that.

To the person who asked whether we really want illegals voting, I say: Stop listening to Mr. Chicken Little Kris Kobach and admit that few if any illegals would be stupid enough to risk deportation by registering the information – especially an address – that is needed to vote.

If women are aborting, there is a reason for it. Better to abort than to damage and kill your babies with drugs, alcohol, beatings, malnutrition, sex trade, drug trade, molestation and other disgusting situations that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, let alone on a child.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign to encourage parents to talk, read and sing to their babies starting at birth should be started in the womb. It’s been proved to work. Of course, she would have to admit it’s a human and not a fetus that can be destroyed.

The U.S. can’t get the border shut down. But I just saw on the news that Africa just shut their border down due to Ebola. I would say that shutting down the border is the same, no matter what the reason is. The U.S. needs to get with Africa to learn how they do it.

If Jesus were here, He would be very upset with the parents who send their children in harm’s way and violate the laws of another country.

I’ve actually heard Republicans complain that President Obama is to blame for the tribal warfare reoccurring in Iraq, which has been going on for centuries. Just like the Israel/Palestine conflict, we can’t fix it.

Attention, all media: Quit using the confusing references to “blue” and “red” states in your stories. They have long ago lost all meaning to us the public. Just say Republican or Democratic and do us all a favor.

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