Opinion Line Extra (July 29)

07/29/2014 12:00 AM

07/28/2014 6:42 PM

A government release says that fraud of 3.42 percent in the food stamp program is good, because it isn’t larger. That’s $2 billion a year. What would happen to a cashier who skimmed off 3.42 percent of their transactions? “Fired” is the word.

Do you people honestly believe that Mike Pompeo is a closet Obamacare supporter? He was endorsed by Kansans for Life and FreedomWorks. These groups aren’t wrong about Pompeo.

A pro-Pompeo ad states he was sent to Washington to represent “us.” Is the “us” the sponsor of the ad, Americans for Prosperity?

Todd Tiahrt stands with moms and families in Kansas. As a mother of three children, I know the only way to protect my kids’ future is to support Tiahrt.

Two little boys from Kansas started arguing. One said he was more conservative than the other. Not so, hu-huh, not so, hu-huh, not so, hu-huh, not so, hu-huh all the way to November.

I’m voting for Greg Orman for U.S. Senate. He has the only ad that is absolutely true. The others just lie about how bad their opponent is. I mute them, or if I am away from the remote, I sing real loud to drown the sound out.

For years I’ve been forced to vote for the lesser of two evils. Now I have a real problem. There doesn’t seem to be a “lesser” anymore.

With all the do-gooders wanting to keep illegal children now flocking to the United States, I say: Good. Send them to all states that have Democratic governors.

Republicans share much of the blame for the border crisis. More border fences were approved years ago, but weren’t funded even by Republican Congresses. But then, border fences work.

For those of you who are proponents of raising the minimum wage: I hope you’re ready to pay $8 for a hamburger and watch your kids be unable to get summer jobs. Put money in education and job preparedness instead.

Boeing’s charge to the tanker program makes you wonder if its move out of Wichita was a good one. I thought it left because of costs. Looks like it still has some, but without the skilled Wichita workforce.

Religions poison everything. Common sense doesn’t stand a chance.

Really? You want us to vote for a this-and-that sales tax proposal? Tell us what it is for, how much it costs and when the tax will end.

I’ve had some serious surgeries, from reconstructed broken legs to cancer, and except for my bunionectomy – the most painful – I have never finished my 30-day prescription of oxycodone. I switch to Advil. Why anyone would want to stay in the la-la land those drugs put you in is beyond me.

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