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07/29/2014 12:00 AM

07/28/2014 6:41 PM

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Where are the quality-of-life projects for the proposed city sales tax referendum? When will our city “get it”? Quality of life is critical to attracting and retaining jobs.

Most people I speak with say the sales tax issues should all be separate ballot items. Why isn’t our City Council listening to us? The combined items will fail, and we’ll have to go through all this again.

We have the Affordable Airfares program to subsidize multimillion-dollar airlines in Wichita, and that is OK with some Republicans. However, according to Republicans, the Affordable Care Act to subsidize health insurance for low-income Americans is unconstitutional and terribly bad for the country. Go figure.

So Southwest Airlines just announced record profits. It surely needs that subsidy, doesn’t it?

Milton Wolf would be as bad as a U.S. senator as his cousin Barack Obama is as president.

OK, Republicans – now is the time to give back all the money you have made in the stock market since Obama has been president.

Regarding former Senate President Steve Morris’ statement that “it is OK to support a high-quality Democrat for governor”: It dates me, but I remember a high-quality Democrat governor, Bob Docking, 1967-75. Not so much since then.

Does any reasonable person seriously think it’s important whether a candidate for Kansas insurance commissioner is pro-life or pro-Second Amendment? I don’t think so.

Most political ads are mean-spirited to downright nasty. I don’t allow my cats to hear Pat Roberts or Mike Pompeo ads.

Do you really want someone who is not a citizen to vote in our elections? Really?

It’s time to abolish the party system. Obviously, it no longer works. Imagine, no Democrats or Republicans, just Americans eager to work together for the good of everyone, instead of grid-locking to push party agendas.

The Carr brothers decision by the Kansas Supreme Court is final proof that our country is not worth living in.

Why are the Carrs still burning up legal fees and court time 12 years after being sentenced to death? And we wonder what’s wrong with our legal system? They should be 6 feet under and meeting their maker.

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