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07/27/2014 12:00 AM

07/25/2014 6:36 PM

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I’m voting for the first person who pronounces the word “Warshington.” That’s Kansas pronunciation values.

Todd Tiahrt says we need a balanced budget. Well, the budget was balanced before he worked with Bush to systematically destroy that balance and plunge the U.S. into deep deficits. We are slowly reducing the deficits he chose to create.

With Mike Pompeo’s relentless criticism for our elected president, he needs those military boots to tromp through the mud he’s hurled. He says he believes in me. With his incessant ads, he must believe I can’t remember anything from one minute to the next.

Pompeo forgot to tell Bombardier about all of the jobs he’s going to create in Kansas.

Mayor Carl Brewer is selling Wichita to China by signing a deal with it. We have to get away from China, not closer to it. The Chinese will someday own us because we are selling our country part by part. I want business to stay in the USA.

Our City Council and city staff need to get on a bus and tour Wichita and see all the streets that need repair, gutters that need cleaning, grass that needs cutting, and cars and junk that need to be removed. Civic pride starts with leadership.

Any Wichita sales tax should be voted on by, at least, all of Sedgwick County, because those of us living in outlying small towns and areas do the vast majority of our shopping in Wichita. And our patronage is important; just ask any Wichita business owner.

If the City Council members persist in putting job development in the package with water, street repair and transit, please vote “no.” We need all the money to take care of water, street repair and transit. This is just a trick to get you to vote for job development.

Why are people on the receiving end of taxes always wanting to raise taxes on the rest of us?

It would be good if the members of Coalition for a Better Wichita explained their alternative to the proposed Wichita 1 cent sales tax. They complain that Wichita’s plan lacks details, so where are their details?

Ever notice how moderate and liberal Republicans claim to be conservative at election time? A great example is Carolyn McGinn, demonstrably liberal for a Republican during her Topeka tenure, yet her radio ads claim conservatism.

I pity whoever takes the job of governor. He’ll have the task of raising the state’s income tax back to where it should be – and then be blamed for raising taxes.

Israel is who we used to be – a nation willing to do whatever it takes to protect its citizens. Harry Truman was the last true American leader.

Having one kid is a blessing. Having two kids is still great, but a handful. Having three kids is still great, but I can now empathize with a pinball.

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