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July 28, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (July 28)

Equal opportunity is fair. Equal outcome is not.

Equal opportunity is fair. Equal outcome is not.

Some of our citizens and elected officials persist in declaring that President Obama is weak. If they keep saying it enough, our allies and our enemies just may come to believe it, whether it is true or not. Such comments are irresponsible, if not traitorous.

The international community should assess giant monetary penalties on the Russian “separatists” (i.e., Putin) to be paid to Malaysian Airlines and the families of each or the 298 people killed. Payment should be enforced by international military forces.

Never before in the history of the U.S. has the term “lame duck” been such an appropriate adjectival descriptor of a presidential administration.

As the world burns, Obama went to California on a three-day fundraising campaign. I think my 13-year-old grandson could run the government as well as Obama has been doing, or not doing.

If Obama and all previous and future presidents can live on estates worth more than $1 million, they have enough money to provide their own security. It is time to drop this security detail provided by taxpayer monies.

I well remember that the 2,700 page Affordable Care Act was passed so that Congress could see what was in it. My question now is: Did Obama read it? I’m guessing no.

Republican judicial logic: The federal government may not subsidize health care premiums of people who live in states that have federally run exchanges, but may subsidize the premiums of those who live in states that do not have federally run exchanges.

It is amazing that when Congress does nothing, the economy improves. It just proves the opposite of progress is congress.

For the bleeding-heart letter writers who want all the illegal immigrants to be allowed to stay here: I will ignore your pleas unless your letter includes a listing of how much money you will personally give, how many kids you will foster, and how many families you will sponsor.

A telling question someone needs to ask Sen. Pat Roberts is: If he is defeated in the upcoming election, does he plan on retiring in Washington or in Kansas?

In my 52 years in Kansas, I have never seen campaign as negative and dishonest as Todd Tiahrt’s. He must be so desperate to go back to his house in Virginia that he will say or do anything. Kansans should reject him.

As a bicyclist I wish they would outlaw dark-tinted car windows, as they prevent me from making eye contact with the driver.

It’s pretty simple: If you eat more food than your body uses, the extra gets stored as fat. The more your body stores, the fatter you get.

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