Opinion Line (July 26)

07/26/2014 12:00 AM

07/25/2014 5:14 PM

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Why aren’t the Carr brothers dead? They were given the death sentence. Why hasn’t it been carried out? They deserve to die for what they did. What is the point of having a death penalty if it is not used? BTK should be dead, also.

The Carr brothers showed there is no justice in Kansas.

How much has been paid for the defense of these brothers?

Because we give Israel $3 billion a year for military spending, we share the responsibility for the imbalance of power in the Israel/Palestine wars.

Government corruption is out of hand in almost every agency. “We the people” need to take back our government.

I am trying to get my Republican friends to refer to Medicare as “Johnsoncare” and Social Security as “Rooseveltcare.” In return I promise to refer to the interstate highway system as “Ikeroads” and the deteriorating situation in the Middle East as the “Bushapalooza.”

You’ve got to feel sorry for Obama, who can’t take more vacation time amid all his fundraising and golf trips.

To everyone who is not a Democrat: Remember that this coming November is rodent removal month.

This 75-year-old Kansan has never been so ashamed of this country and the horrible lack of disrespect that our politicians exhibit. We were taught respect and manners early in life.

Watching the disgusting Republican candidates’ political ads, it leads one to think the GOP (Grand Old Party) should change its name to the OGP (Offensive Gas Producers).

People vote not because they like the person but because they hate the other person.

Todd Tiahrt and Mike Pompeo – two similar puppets used by the same puppeteer.

Tiahrt is the only candidate conservatives should vote for on Aug. 5. His work for the district goes above and beyond the call. We need him again.

It amazes me how Tiahrt and his campaign continue to lie to Kansans, even when local media and political science professors have said his commercials are misleading and not true. Do we really want someone with this type of character representing us? I think not.

By the time Sedgwick County gets 135th Street West resurfaced, it’s going to owe everybody in Clearwater a whole set of new shock absorbers. That detour is horrible.

Reporters: Let the people tell their stories to you, and then you tell their stories. This way it will eliminate all the “you knows” and “um, ums.”

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