Opinion Line Extra (July 23)

07/23/2014 12:00 AM

07/22/2014 5:22 PM

Is there one TV ad or flier where Pat Roberts recounts what he’s done for Kansas? All I’ve seen are vague statements about being tough, tested, trusted, against Obama, but where’s his proof? His list of accomplishments should be too numerous to name, but he should try anyway.

Want change in Washington? We need term limits. This will prevent the Charlie Rangels and Ted Kennedys of the world from setting up shop in America’s original swampland.

Gov. Rick Perry is sending 1,000 National Guard troops to patrol the border. The U.S. government should be sending 200,000. Armed.

If you want to allow men, women and children to enter our southern border illegally, are you willing to house, feed and care for these people? Or are you wanting the U.S. government to pay, with it using my tax dollars? I suggest you choose the first alternative.

If the “undocumented” immigrants now at the border are not illegals, then drug pushers are undocumented pharmacists.

The GOP brands President Obama as timid in his response to the aircraft downing. It evidently favors troops or bombing or some military action for which the American people have no stomach. The U.S. response seems similar, and in concert with our allies.

America is the glue holding the free world together, and Obama is dousing the world with glue remover.

The economic disaster the Kansas state GOP has rained down on Kansas is all the reason voters need nationwide to ensure Republicans never gain control of the U.S. Senate. The presidential veto could prove an insufficient deterrent to the insane behavior of the far right.

Hooray for the tea partiers. They continue to take the GOP so far to the right that no matter what the Democrats do, it will look more like the middle of the road to the voters. Even in Kansas, Republicans are considering voting for a Democrat as governor.

AFP, Americans for Prosperity. Prosperity for the wealthy, that is.

WSU hit an all-time high with the crazy idea of charging money for students to park. How stupid is that? Pretty soon we will have no one signing up to go to college with all the big costs being charged.

If the people who travel the Kansas Turnpike don’t know that the K-Tag-only line is for those who actually do have K-Tags, then they shouldn’t be allowed to use the turnpike at all since they don’t have enough smarts to stay out of the turnpike lane and they hold up those who do have K-Tags.

To the person complaining about poor service at a McDonald’s restaurant: If paying someone $20 an hour wouldn’t help attract better employees, then would you feel more comfortable being fed by an employee making 50 cents an hour?

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