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07/20/2014 12:00 AM

07/18/2014 5:37 PM

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Paranoid much, Rick Santorum? To have such an “us against them” mentality sure explains a lot about why this country is at a standstill. Nothing gets passed by Congress because “the other side” might get some credit for it. What a sad and ridiculous attitude.

So, our choice for governor of Kansas is about the “future of the free world”? Why not the future of the solar system? Better yet, the entire universe? Why think small?

What’s at stake in the gubernatorial race is not the future of the free world but the future of our cherished state of Kansas. The future of education, health care, nondiscrimination, infrastructure, fair taxation, the environment and a balanced budget are all at stake.

If Topeka politics is doing everything wrong, why did Kansas get ranked fifth-best state for business development? Those who voted for change in Washington sure got it.

According to The Eagle editorial board and liberals in general, a congressman must play the game in Washington. They’ve forgotten that congressmen need to represent every taxpayer, and not just special interests – including big farming. The game of who can bring home the most bacon for their constituents must stop.

This is what happens in the world and to our country when you have a president elected by people on welfare.

Listening to Dick Cheney today, one can truthfully say George Bush’s greatest accomplishment was not dying in office.

Be the first on your block to acknowledge Obamacare is working.

Obamacare, the mother of all governmental mandates, takes away my right to choose cheaper health insurance and many doctors. Other mandates add hundreds and even thousands of dollars to the cost of electricity, appliances, autos and new homes.

Any politician who says Obama is incompetent is lying through their teeth. He knows exactly what he is doing and knows he has a good chance of getting it done with a do-nothing Congress.

I am so ready for a law to be passed that political ads can only be run for two weeks before the election.

The local sales tax was to be used for major transportation projects (Kellogg) and to reduce property taxes. No major construction has been done on Kellogg for almost 10 years. Where is this money going? If you give politicians a revenue source, it eventually ends up funding pet projects.

Instead of raising sales tax, why not fine those who run their sprinklers during downpours or the day after we receive more than an inch of rain? If doesn’t matter if they are on a well, as they are still wasting groundwater. A fine will get people to conserve.

Why can’t the city seem to get basic services right? No one wants to be in a park where the weeds are knee-high. It rains in the summer. Accommodate. Hire college kids.

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