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July 19, 2014

Opinion Line (July 19)

“We’re going to send them back.” Another lie told to us by our president.

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“We’re going to send them back.” Another lie told to us by our president.

For those coming to this country: Remember, the family that storms the border together stays together.

The Republicans should be guarding the border. All those illegals coming across the border will be future Democrats.

Which refugee children would Jesus turn away?

The U.S. backing of Israel in its current annihilation of the Gaza Strip is as upsetting as the Russian backing of Syria. There is no more warmongering country than Israel.

Wow, we are up to 30 gun deaths a day in America. Why worry about the Middle East? When will the NRA (National Rulers of America) wake up?

Gun control is so abysmally unpopular that it would seem the only people still pushing it are those who aren’t really sure what a gun is.

Tell me why David Koch had a huge article on the front page of the Sunday Eagle. No one here cares that he is spending a small part of his billions to help New York City. While the Kochs are working on buying elections, they should be banned from publicity.

Great article about David Koch and the Koch legacy. Will anyone but a Kansan appreciate what he has done for New York? I honor his commitment and generosity to the public, and his family. In Wichita, most of us honor and admire Charles Koch and his family just as much.

One of the flaws that I see in our government is that presidents, governors, congressmen and even mayors hire people to work for them who always agree with them. Which means they never know when they are wrong.

A good person thinks before he or she speaks; the evil person pours out evil words without a thought. No wonder there is so much anger, hatred and horrible crime going on in this world.

Smoking marijuana should be legal for all and mandatory for some.

The dangers of using marijuana are obvious. Almost everyone who gets hooked on hard drugs started by using marijuana.

A Cleveland friend e-mailed that he’d seen the blurb saying Wichita has the highest percentage of abandoned houses in the nation. I might add, the most abandoned minds as well.

The problem with KU football is KU basketball. The KU faithful talk about KU basketball 24/7, 365 days a year, with no room for football.

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