Opinion Line Extra (July 18)

07/18/2014 12:00 AM

07/17/2014 6:12 PM

I will not vote for any candidate who is trying to repeal Obamacare. Four members of my family now have good health insurance at a reasonable premium, something they never could afford before. Many people feel this way, so why do the politicians even say that?

The only people for the ACA are people who’ve found yet another way for someone else to pay their way. Stop thinking only about your individual advantage and think about the principle. The only way this program will “work” is by coercion, paying for it at someone else’s expense.

Why would Todd Tiahrt call anyone garbage, especially a veteran like Mike Pompeo? Pompeo has not said a single negative thing about Tiahrt. I’m disgusted by Tiahrt’s commercial.

All of those millions of dollars Tiahrt shipped from Washington to Colorado and California in the form of earmarks – we could have made good use of that money by keeping it in Kansas in the first place.

Why does it seems that all of the president’s press agents sound like fast-talking, high-pressure auctioneers selling snake oil?

In fact-checking Gov. Sam Brownback’s economic claims, the Kansas City Star found them to be incomplete and misleading. On MSNBC he was at it again, making claims proven to be false. In Kansas this is called lying. Vote him out.

Just when you think the Republicans have reached the epitome of nuttiness, Rick Santorum says the future of the free world depends on the re-election of Sam Brownback as Kansas governor. How will they surpass that? It seems impossible, but they can surmount even that high hurdle.

If you like the policies of Barack Obama and Kathleen Sebelius, you’ll love Paul Davis.

No publicly licensed business has a right to deny an advertised service to anyone – for example, a pharmacist refusing to fill a prescription from a licensed physician for a drug the pharmacist is morally opposed to.

I graduated from Wichita High School North in the ’60s and I am Choctaw by blood. I am growing weary of people whining about our nickname. Please get over it and move on along.

Before we start banning “Redskins” as a mascot, I would like to see the results of a survey done among Americans who are at least 50 percent American Indian. If they say the term “redskins” is offensive, then some action is warranted. Otherwise, stop the nonsense.

If same-sex marriage is legal, why is polygamy illegal?

In a driving rainstorm south of Wichita Monday, while pulled over on the shoulder with most other cars, I saw a white pickup barreling down the barely visible rainy road with no lights of any kind on. Really stupid.

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