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07/18/2014 12:00 AM

07/17/2014 5:41 PM

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These political TV commercials – complete fabrication. In fact, it’s the only fabrication (manufacturing) that we have left. Mike Pompeo helped save aircraft jobs? Hello? Boeing is gone. How about legislation aimed at reducing the outsourcing of jobs?

I got an e-mail from Pompeo stating that the Affordable Care Act was a failure. I’m in my 40s, and I have never been able to afford health care. Now I can. That doesn’t seem like a failure to me.

Todd Tiahrt’s claim that Pompeo voted to fund Obamacare is ridiculous. The votes were for the budget so that the government didn’t shut down. I used to like Tiahrt. I guess he’s just the usual politician.

I’ve long been in favor of transparency in government. Pompeo’s ideology and his loyalty to certain key backers are as transparent as glass on a clear day.

I look forward to Milton Wolf explaining how he intends to “limit the terms” of bureaucrats and lobbyists. Until he does, his candidacy cannot be taken seriously.

If the best material Pat Roberts can come up with for a political ad is to defame the name of his opponent, just what has he been doing for the past 47 years? Surely he has accomplished something worth mentioning. If not, perhaps it is time for a change.

Wolf will be good for the country. I heard him speak at a Fair Tax meeting and like his ideas.

I have no direct knowledge of Wolf’s medical ethics, but when I see him driving without using his seat belt in his political ad, he appears irresponsible and a poor safety role model.

Gov. Sam Brownback reminds me of a Kansas icon: the Wizard of Oz. Both use a hefty dose of smoke to govern their subjects by concealing reality from them, and both live in fantasyland. The problem is that the governor’s irresponsible policies are hurting real people.

Paul Davis thinks a sales tax decrease is a sales tax increase. And this math-challenged clown wants to be governor?

I do not understand why Carolyn McGinn and Melody McCray-Miller are wasting their time and and everyone else’s running for office in Sedgwick County District 4.

Criminals everywhere are lauding The Eagle for its tutorial Sunday on how to avoid Taser shocks (wear loose or thick clothing). Nice.

I just came back from a beach vacation, and we are the most “obese” country in the world.

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