Opinion Line Extra (July 17)

07/17/2014 12:00 AM

07/16/2014 6:05 PM

Stock markets hit bubbles of euphoria followed by a big crash. Beanie Babies did, as did housing prices. So too after being elected in manic enthusiasm, our now-boring president is seeing his popularity plummet into a crater.

Leonid Brezhnev ran a more transparent administration than Obama.

“If President Obama were white, he would have been impeached five years ago?” For what? He’d only been in office for six months by then.

If President Obama were white instead of biracial he would be considered one of the greatest presidents in U.S. history.

I’m confused. I thought a U.S. president had to put a hand on a Bible and swear an oath to uphold and follow the Constitution. Evidently oath and honor means nothing to this guy. Maybe that’s just a liberal thing.

So, the Republicans want to sue/impeach President Obama. Can the people sue/impeach the Congress? It would make more sense than trying to impeach the only person who has been doing something to help the people, not just the corporations and big business.

Republican lawmakers love to talk about creating high-paying jobs when running for office. The problem is they truly think that $7.25 per hour is a high-paying job.

And you thought Obama was a phony. Wait until Hillary.

We never heard much from Dick Cheney, other than the occasional gritting of his teeth, but now he seems to be very verbal. I still have not received an honest answer as to why they lied to us about invading Iraq.

Rep. Mike Pompeo: Do you think the president should have gotten out of the way before he signed your Small Airplane Revitalization Act of 2013 into law? Just wondering.

Someone suggested sending illegal immigrants to live at the White House. I think it would be better to send them to the House chambers in the Capitol building. Nothing worthwhile is being done there anyway.

A lot of us women care about things other than the availability of birth control pills and abortion, although I know that is hard to envision with feminists constantly stomping their feet and yelling about their “reproductive rights.”

If Sen. Pat Roberts spent more time representing us and less time saluting statues we’d all be better off. The rest of us do that sort of thing without wanting credit. We all have attended Memorial Day services without serving in the military. We are all Americans.

Pedestrians in store parking lots should look both ways before entering a crosswalk and maybe walk across a little faster than normal, since most drivers don’t care about anybody but themselves. And they shouldn’t walk down the middle of the drive lanes. Get out of drivers’ way.

It is official. I have the only GM vehicle in the United States that has not been recalled.

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