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07/17/2014 12:00 AM

07/16/2014 5:37 PM

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Until the U.S. makes it more difficult for illegals to enter the country and limits, rather than expands, the benefits, rights and privileges available to those who are here, we will face crisis after crisis at the border.

Relating to illegal immigration, the president is wanting $3.7 billion to continue to bail out the boat rather than spending $1 billion to plug the hole in the boat.

If the kids were white, would people be marching and complaining about letting them into the country?

It’s not the immigrants per se I have a problem with. Why can our government instantly house and feed more than 52,000 when there are so many of our own homeless and hungry?

The president, aka commander in chief, could seal our southern border within weeks, should he so choose, by calling active military and National Guard units. He would not need congressional approval. He’s not “weak” or “incompetent.” Obama wants this to happen.

If any of our congressional candidates are half as bad as their opponents say they are, why should we elect any of them?

“Mike believes in me” and “I like Mike” are trite phrases with empty words – not real accomplishments, like when Todd Tiahrt made sure the tanker contract had a fair competition. We need someone like Tiahrt who can understand and tackle complex problems.

Both Todd Tiahrt and Mike Pompeo are complicit in doing away with our constitutional rights – Tiahrt with his support of the Patriot Act and Pompeo with his support of the NSA data mining of telephone and e-mail correspondence.

Pompeo says he wants to save our kids from the crush of public debt. What has he done to recover all those jobs shipped to China by corporate fat cats? Unemployed people can’t pay taxes to reduce government debt.

When Tiahrt lost his senatorial bid against Jerry Moran, I was disappointed. Now, having observed Tiahrt’s distinct lack of character in his disingenuous commercials – not so much. Moreover, if he had any political acumen, he would have run against Sen. Pat Roberts.

As there are more females than males, I would like to know if males receive more traffic tickets than females. If so, then males are profiled.

I so enjoyed the American Indian Festival Saturday. Next time I will be attending the Friday night sneak preview, too.

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