Opinion Line Extra (July 15)

07/15/2014 12:00 AM

07/14/2014 5:47 PM

The president isn’t interested in photo ops? The man is king of the photo op and may wear out Air Force One by staging them for eight years.

Could it possibly be that congressional Republicans threaten impeachment because the current president is the most lawless to ever occupy the White House?

Sen. Pat Roberts stated he has recently visited all 105 state counties. How recently, and over what time period?

People in Congress are very ignorant to what is going on. How hard is it to learn from mistakes? Keep off women’s bodies. Imposing religious belief on others (employees) is wrong, even before God.

Where does anybody get off thinking that their employer, their insurance company or, for that matter, the ordinary taxpayer on the street should have to pay for their contraception? Then, amazingly, they tell you they want you to stay out of their bedrooms. Huh?

A daily dose of self-restraint is needed by the Hobby Lobby owners who hide behind the American flag while exploiting human rights in China to feed their insatiable appetite for profit masked as religious freedom.

I believe the “safe haven” law allows a person who cannot care for their baby to drop the child off at a safe place with no questions asked. Maybe Hobby Lobby could be added as another safe place on the list.

Any person running for re-election who has to run a new commercial every day of the week, and stick his fat face filing up my TV screen waving American flags, will have to kiss a baby’s lower extremity to have any chance to get my vote.

It doesn’t make sense that all of the money saved from cutting the Kansas income tax will be spent in Kansas. Which means money from Kansas will be spent in other states and countries and won’t stimulate the Kansas economy.

Add my voice to those who have noticed the very low payouts on slot machines at the Kansas Star Casino. I quit going there after noticing that the payouts were much less than the amount of my bet. The payouts are frequent, but way too small.

In regards to the person who said it was no big deal to have fireworks over one weekend. That would be true except they allow them for a week. It should be for two days max. Anything more is way too much.

The Wichita Eagle needs to dump Cal Thomas’ column. It is always just full of anti-Obama bias and hate, and short on facts.

How is it that front-page news items contain headlines that contain words like “could” and “may”? Shouldn’t these stories be printed on the Opinion page?

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