Opinion Line (July 15)

07/15/2014 12:00 AM

07/14/2014 5:47 PM

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It was pathetic to see the president doing his best imitation of Stan Laurel at a Dallas fundraiser while leaving the heavy lifting regarding the Texas border crisis to Gov. Rick Perry. Is Obama running again in 2016?

Our president has nothing in the tank but politics. Giveaways to people here illegally, playing the silly “war on women” game, shrinking ever so small in foreign affairs – this is what you get when you vote an empty suit into the most important position in the world.

In my conversations with Republicans they blame Democrat policies for all of our problems. What? Yet they accept no responsibility for corporations sending millions of manufacturing jobs to China and other communist countries, making them powerful and destroying America.

Facts, common sensibility, reason, truth, honesty – these are only a few things that no longer mean anything when the conservative agenda is threatened. All subjects boil down to the bottom line of business profit margin. Never mind those in need.

Pat Roberts’ campaign ad about criticism of Milton Wolf’s medical ethics makes it sound like Wolf would be an excellent fit for Congress.

So Gov. Sam Brownback and his GOP muscle think they can sue the federal government if it investigates Kansas gun laws deemed questionable. How much of a devoted American citizen are you when you want to fight the very government you’re only 1/50th of?

Will there be a smoking room in the new airport terminal?

Judging by all the noise on the nights surrounding Independence Day, I’d say there were a lot of skipped trailer payments for the month of July.

I will fly my flag as it was flown over Fort McHenry in 1814: The sun will illuminate it during the day, and my love for it will see it through the darkness.

A note to you idiot parents out there: If you cannot raise those precious gifts you have been given, turn them over to loving parents who can.

Like puzzles? When “musical” artists are on television, hit the mute button. As you watch, try to determine from the facial contortions and body gyrations if the “artist” is suffering from labor pains, indigestion, hemorrhoids or acute appendicitis. Have fun.

I love Wichita’s heroes and their selfless effort to keep the music scene thriving. Support live music in Wichita. We cannot afford to let it fade away.

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