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07/13/2014 12:00 AM

07/11/2014 5:48 PM

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It would seem to be a no-brainer that existing buildings the city owns should be used for the law enforcement training center, but maybe that’s expecting too much.

It is absolutely a waste of taxpayer money to change the airport name. When I bring family to “the airport,” that is what it’s called. Remember the wasteful council members at election time. How sad for the programs that really need the money.

If cutting taxes brings prosperity, as Republicans insist, then why not do away with all taxes? The government can fund itself through donations, the same as any charity.

Elect a governor to be the next president. They actually have leadership experience, whereas senators and community organizers have no experience leading anything.

So the Republicans say, “Give Brownback’s tax cuts time to work.” Are they all for giving Obamacare time to work?

Sam Brownback is the worst governor ever. It is absolutely amazing how quickly he has created the biggest financial crisis Kansas has ever seen, all because of a strange economic philosophy where the working poor bear the tax burden while the wealthy and businesses dance away.

It should be noted that the $169 million in lost funds due to the governor’s refusal to expand Medicaid translates into $169 million not being added to the federal deficit.

The math is quite simple: Kansas Obama delegate 2008 plus Kansas Obama delegate 2012 equals Paul Davis.

The NSA has no scruples, and Rep. Mike Pompeo fully endorses its activities. My, how it stinks in here.

Pompeo twiddled his thumbs while Boeing was packing up to leave and the tanker work was moved to the Pacific Northwest. And yet he has the gall to brag about all he’s done for aviation?

Todd Tiahrt has launched a completely negative campaign against Pompeo – attacking him over his education, his experience, where he was born. This is absurd. Tiahrt should be ashamed.

Tiahrt and Pompeo jumping up and down on the Super Car Guys trampoline would have made much more sense than their “debate.”

It’s more than a bit skewed for Milton Wolf’s campaign ad to state that as a diagnostic radiologist he “saves lives” daily. So what, anyway? What matters are his political positions and plans. So far he only promises that he won’t spend 47 years as a Washington politician. Whoopee.

I will bet anyone a six-pack that if Sen. Pat Roberts is defeated in his bid for re-election, he will put away his carpet bag and settle in Virginia, never to return to his rented-out duplex in Dodge City.

With the number of restaurants per capita and the fact that Wichita is a test market for new restaurants, we live in a food oasis. Unfortunately, I live in a Whataburger desert.

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