Opinion Line (July 12)

07/12/2014 12:00 AM

07/11/2014 5:41 PM

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The governor has shown that he can’t save the state from financial woes, so he has now undertaken the saving of the prairie chickens. Poor prairie chickens.

Would you accept the offer of an around-the-world tour for your family on a new model jumbo jet for $500, with a pilot and co-pilot selected by the same process we have recently used to elect presidents? Think about it.

We now can realize why Obama goofed up his saying of the presidential oath after the 2008 election, as he didn’t intend to follow it.

Obama seems to be trying to make us a Third World country instead of helping America.

Pompeo or Tiahrt – some choice. Where’s a Dole or a Kassebaum when you need one?

What a tough choice for Republicans: the congressman formerly owned by the Kochs, or the congressman currently owned by the Kochs.

With people fraudulently claiming disability at an all-time high, with wages for the middle class stagnant, food prices on the rise and the VA in crisis, the only thing the Republican Congress can claim is it voted 57 times against the ACA.

Aren’t there congressional committees and subcommittees that are responsible for oversight of the VA? What have they been doing? Why aren’t their members resigning?

Has anyone noticed how our country began going down the toilet after WWII? People elected to Congress began making a career of politics. Career politicians are destroying the country, both Democrat and Republican. Stop blaming Bush and Obama and demand term limits.

Let’s follow Maine’s lead and require welfare cards to have the user’s photo on it, solving welfare fraud and voter ID problems in one fell swoop.

Do those drinking the Kool-Aid on global warming also believe that if the 7 billion people on Earth all turned toward the west and started running, we would spin the Earth out of its orbit and launch ourselves out of our solar system?

Impeachment? Impeach all legislators who willfully and dangerously keep themselves from understanding real climate science.

We think that the human animal is the most intelligent on Earth, but why do humans kill each other by the millions? I don’t know any other animal species that does that, so are we the most intelligent? I think not.

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