Opinion Line (July 14)

07/14/2014 12:00 AM

07/11/2014 5:39 PM

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Reporters had more respect than to photograph FDR’s wheelchair or discuss his polio. We have lost our self-respect when we defame the office and the man who is serving as our current commander in chief. It is unfortunate for our nation and its citizens to have lost respect for everything.

Send all the illegal immigrants to live at and around the White House. Michelle Obama can keep an eye on them and make sure they are all getting healthy meals. That will have the majority of them scrambling to get back across the border into Mexico.

The federal government-caused catastrophe at our southern border has sealed my opinion concerning stringent voter ID laws forever. The only votes these laws suppress are votes that should not be cast in the first place.

If President Obama were white, he would have been impeached five years ago.

So our vehicles get better gas mileage. That means the government should raise the fuel tax? Wasn’t it a mandate from Congress to truck and car manufacturers to improve fuel mileage, for the environment? Save and spend wisely. Don’t tax, tax, tax us.

I’m the block captain of a neighborhood that will not wait on an overworked city-county department to clean up the yards of vacant homes. We take turns mowing ourselves. Sure, it’s aggravating to cover for uncaring owners, but it beats waiting for blight to set in.

I have a suggestion for the city on neighborhood nuisances: Confiscate the property after one warning. Those meager fines are not going to get anyone’s attention. I have had to call in the same vacated properties for repeated tall grass, cars in the yard and trash.

We need to start a program emphasizing pride – pride to be a good community member, and pride to clean up and present ourselves and our property in our best possible light. It’s too easy to do nothing.

Police only give tickets to those who break traffic rules. Simple solution: Don’t break the rules. Police do not look at the color of the driver. And if more crimes are committed in a certain area of the city, I’m glad they patrol that area more than others.

Who’s playing God with the downtown Douglas stoplights? I’m making bigger holes in the ozone layer every time I apply my asbestos brake pads. Stop punishing us for our sins. Synchronize the lights so we don’t have to stop every block.

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