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July 11, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (July 11)

So many fireworks on this Fourth of July but so few American flags in the front yards. What were these people celebrating?

So many fireworks on this Fourth of July but so few American flags in the front yards. What were these people celebrating?

I live near Webb and 19th. The noise from fireworks was not as bad this year, but one guy was setting off very loud and illegal fireworks at 1:30 a.m. July 5. I am guessing he contained about equal parts alcohol and “patriotism.”

Oh, great – now there is someone driving around town assuming if you live in a nice home you are “rich” and if you are not flying the American flag you have no patriotic pride.

Complain about the noise and you are a Marxist, communist or anti-American, and if you buy fireworks you are a Maoist. Just can’t win, can we?

Conservatives keep blaming Democrats for voting for the Iraq War. Do they not realize George Bush also lied to Congress?

If I can make $15 per hour flipping burgers, it sure seems stupid to waste time and money on education beyond the third grade.

First, global warming is man-made. Second, we created it via our excessive lifestyles. And who will lead the way to societal lifestyle changes? That’s what I thought, too – that the Earth is way overrated.

The disaster on our southern border was instigated by the administration’s order to stop deportation of “Dreamers.” The idea was to change public sentiment in favor of amnesty, but that plan has backfired.

We are being invaded on our southern border by illegal immigrants. The law needs to be changed quickly so that you can deport children on the spot. This includes Democrats and Republicans in Congress. Get the law changed.

Why are people so worried about the cheerleader who posted online what she shot? If you don’t like it, don’t look. People really need to stop getting in everyone else’s business. All would be better off.

I saw Hobby Lobby’s full-page ad in the July 4 Eagle. Why not just go ahead and give it church status? Then it can avoid paying taxes as well.

Yes, why don’t all you liberals who disagree with the Supreme Court stop shopping at Hobby Lobby? It’ll suffer tremendously, just like Chick-fil-A. Every time I’m there, I can barely find a seat.

If people of faith are being “attacked,” it has nothing to do with their faith. It’s about imposing their narrow, small and closed-mindedness along with intolerance upon those who do not share their lifestyle views. Ironically, the attackers are angry at being attacked.

Before long it will be winter again and those west-siders will wish they had that sand on their streets.

Sedgwick County missed the boat on a casino, so get over it. No one likes a sore loser.

It’s not like anybody still believes life has meaning.

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