Opinion Line (July 11)

07/11/2014 12:00 AM

07/10/2014 5:28 PM

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Why is no one asking the question about why we took thousands of Cubans, and now we turn our backs on our Latin American neighbors? Their problem is every bit as bad.

We are not a nation of immigrants as portrayed by Democrats. We are a nation of legal immigrants.

With the train derailment of Spirit fuselages in Montana and the associated cost, Boeing just needs to buy it back and call the divestiture the mistake that it continually proves it was.

Dillons closing two neighborhood stores is an excellent example of why government can never be run like a corporation.

Kroger Co. is thinking only of the bottom line instead of some degree of loyalty to longtime customers. This adds to my reasons for not shopping at its stores.

Laugh all you want, but the so-called potheads are the hardest workers I’ve ever seen. Downright lazy comes in all shapes and sizes.

The Wichita Workforce Center has taken over the parking lot at New Leaf Plaza. Many older people shop at Dollar General and need access to close parking. The Workforce Center should show some consideration for the businesses.

What is it about being out in nature and enjoying one of our parks, maybe even fishing, that makes people want to leave behind all their trash for everyone else to deal with?

You would think that the parks department would have enough pride in Riverside Park to mow before the busiest weekend of the year. The grass was tall, and the pond in the center was full of trash and algae. Come on, Wichita, clean up your act.

Independence Day – our annual opportunity to show our neighbors that, in spite of what we say, we don’t really care about them.

I love how Americans celebrate their independence with Chinese fireworks, but only the ones the government lets them have.

People should stop complaining about the fireworks. It’s one weekend a year. Be thankful it’s not “the Purge.”

The Kansas Star Casino has driven customers back to Oklahoma because of its very low payouts on slot machines. The Oklahoma casinos’ parking lots are full of vehicles with Kansas car tags again.

My name is Tic Tac. I am a kitten. I loved Beccy Tanner’s story about Pages, the library cat (July 4 Local & State).

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