Opinion Line Extra (July 10)

07/10/2014 12:00 AM

07/09/2014 5:36 PM

Any fool can incorporate an individual corporation, then open a lemonade stand and claim to be exempt from the state income tax.

It’s ironic that on a holiday that’s supposed to celebrate the independence and freedom of our country, many of us suffer our freedom to be destroyed by the anarchy of fireworks. They seem to get worse every year and go on well past midnight. This has nothing to do with patriotism; it’s simply madness.

So my 21 years of Air Force and 10 years working for the Army qualify me to be a communist, Marxist or anti-American because I don’t like fireworks? I spent those years so people could have and express an opinion, no matter how dumb, freely.

My father-in-law is a decorated veteran. He received the Purple Heart and the Silver Star for wounds acquired in World War II. He hates fireworks because they bring back the sounds and memories of the war. Does that make him a communist or anti-American?

The immigrants on the southern border are bringing a myriad of communicable diseases with them, and the government chooses to ignore this. The administration is assisting in the spread of these deadly diseases, thereby endangering all Americans, and Obama is violating the terms of his office. It is time to impeach.

A few Republicans want to impeach President Obama? What? After the Sept. 11 attack, and against the strong warning of President George H.W. Bush, Vietnam War dodgers Bush and Cheney invaded Iraq. They have refused to take any responsibility, blaming their historic blunder on “poor intelligence.” I’ll say.

Stupid liberals. They cry like schoolgirls that the nonexistent “separation of church and state” clause should not allow Hobby Lobby to decline to pay for federally mandated abortion meds. Yet they don’t say a word about the state (feds) forcing people to do things against their religion.

It’s official: The rights of one sect, evangelical Christians, trump the rights of everyone else, and it’s law. Think Sunni versus Shiite, American style.

Hobby Lobby provides 16 of the 20 mandated preventive contraceptives, so stop being misled.

I am woman, hear me roar. Take responsibility for your own choices. Buy your own birth control, or get all those wealthy Democrats, movie stars, Oprahs to pay for it. You make your choices. My choice is not to pay for your “arrangements.”

Does anybody else recall when we had 10 drive-in theaters and ads for each theater so big they took an entire section of the newspaper? I wish The Eagle would do a story about the history of the drive-in theaters for those who know nothing about this part of Wichita history.

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