Opinion Line (July 10)

07/09/2014 5:28 PM

07/09/2014 5:28 PM

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As a Kansas taxpayer, I really don’t care that state revenues are less than expected due to the governor’s tax cuts, which let us working folks keep a little more of the money we’ve earned. It’s our money. Prioritize and make cuts where they are needed.

With so much attention rightfully focused on the governor’s race, let’s not forget Sam Brownback’s co-conspirators who put the state in this mess. Legislators like Rep. Kasha Kelley in my district have got to go come November.

One would really hope that after at least 57 attempts to repeal an idea that has begun to work, the brats in the GOP would get the concept that America as a nation desires the ACA and hopes it does as promised.

For the Mike Pompeo supporter who said that “anytime you have a West Point graduate representing you, you have a winner,” I have six words: Benedict Arnold and George Armstrong Custer.

I don’t know the Democrat running against Todd Tiahrt or Mike Pompeo, but that person will get my vote. Those two little boys need a spanking, to sit in time-out and go home. They need to grow up and quit embarrassing themselves.

The only reason to thank God for President Obama is because the American people have been able to see firsthand and get a bellyful of deceptive, unlawful and treasonous leftist progressive governance.

If the children from Central America are being told to come to the U.S. (and that appears to be happening), we are looking at child abuse on a scale beyond belief.

The least expensive way to handle these illegal children coming across the southern border is to buy them plane tickets home.

We can only accept thousands of illegal immigrants at the expense of our children and grandchildren.

I am tired of parents who drive cars and trucks on grass areas at Brownthrush Park, or any park. Wichita needs to stop this before someone gets hurt. Way to show your kids to follow rules. Stay in the parking area and walk.

Anyone who would carry an assault rifle into a grocery store, restaurant, etc., isn’t mentally stable enough to be trusted. Sane people will never expose their family or themselves to that sort of craziness.

Not so long ago we had Billy Graham specials leading thousands of young people to Christ. Now we have Miley Cyrus specials leading them in the opposite direction.

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