Opinion Line Extra (July 9)

07/09/2014 12:00 AM

07/08/2014 5:26 PM

What a great country we are for accepting and caring for the children here illegally from countries where living conditions are dangerous. While we are at it we should roll out the welcome mat to children from Iraq, Syria, North Korea and Africa. We can extend invitations to others after we have absorbed those.

Seal the border with the military. Have the buses and planes at the ready to immediately return those caught to the capital of their country of origin. Illegal kids and mothers bring no assets to our country, only expenses and dependents.

I predict that the parents of the 90,000 illegal immigrant children will be the next group to rush the border.

Congress won’t pass anything because it can’t trust that President Obama will stick to the law as it was passed. He has already illegally changed Obamacare. Immigration reform is the victim of his conduct.

Republicans are whining about President Obama using executive power to pass laws. Maybe they need to be reminded that he has used executive power less than almost any other president and that he is also the most obstructed president ever due to Republican obstructionism.

Aborting pregnancies is the most disgusting thing mankind does. When Christians approve, it proves they do not read the Bible, let alone have a relationship with God. Abortion is tantamount to worshipping the God of selfishness. He unequivocally states that He creates each and every one of us.

How do you figure I’m forcing my religious views on you? You’re more than welcome to clear out your locker and find something bigger and better. Actually, I wish you would instead of whining.

To the person who is thanking God that Obama is in the White House and we’re not mired in war somewhere: Have you never heard of Afghanistan and/or Iraq?

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, etc., all voted for the Iraq War because they were lied to about weapons of mass destruction and Sept. 11 involvement. The false information was spread to Congress by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Colin Powell (who was duped).

To the genius who said parents who have kids in school are freeloaders: They pay taxes, too. They paid taxes before the kids were in school and will after. Education benefits society.

I have written Rep. Mike Pompeo twice and he has not shown the courtesy to answer either letter. Tell me why I should vote for him.

The neighbors’ U.S. flag is still flying day and night. Too bad it’s because of their extreme laziness rather than their patriotism.

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