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07/09/2014 12:00 AM

07/08/2014 5:25 PM

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Conservatives want everyone to succeed regardless of race, religion or gender. Liberals think only the chosen few are meant to succeed. That’s why their policies are meant to keep the commoners in poverty.

The difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party is black and white. One wants to focus the money on equality-related issues. The other wants to focus the money on making more money. Furthermore, the middle on any issue is seen as a cave-in.

All those Republicans who voted for the Civil Rights Act 50 years ago would now be called “RINOs” by their own political party.

Who wants to start taking bets on when the student loan bubble will burst?

The ease of shopping, close parking, flowers, deli, post office, bakery, but most of all its friendly employees – all will be truly missed at our Dillons at 13th and Woodlawn. Shame on the corporate headquarters for closing an important, cohesive part of the neighborhood.

Is global warming causing the Antarctic ice to grow?

What is the matter with people who refuse to see? You’re lucky if you can see 2 1/2 miles in our vast Southwestern deserts, or 10 miles from the top of Pikes Peak until it fades into haze. We are all breathing that gunk, and we humans put it there.

If al-Qaida and the Taliban want to destroy America, they can do so simply by financially supporting all the environmental anarchists’ groups already operating in this country.

Some people believe the 1960s and 1970s were the end of America. I believe that is when we began.

Don’t let Wichita “go to pot.”

The potheads apparently want to legalize marijuana so they can walk around with a joint in one hand, a beer in the other, a switchblade in one pocket and a loaded pistol in the other. Wow – we’ll probably be the most peaceful community in the nation.

Fourteen people were shot and killed over the Fourth of July weekend in Chicago. It looks like those toughest gun laws in the nation really work.

What good does it do to have a fireworks complaints number if nothing comes of a report? There were so many illegal fireworks going off in my neighborhood it looked like a war movie.

If you fly a flag after dark, please have enough respect for our national symbol to have it appropriately displayed with proper lighting.

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