Opinion Line Extra (July 8)

07/08/2014 12:00 AM

07/07/2014 6:27 PM

Is it racism that President Obama gets away with breaking constitutional law when others (white) have been impeached?

The problem with impeaching Obama is that we would then be stuck with Joe Biden in the driver’s seat. Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

So, Mike Pompeo voted against Obamacare 57 times. No wonder the congressional approval rating stands at 7 percent.

Pompeo just gave me 57 reasons to not vote for him.

When one reads the numerous moronic comments praising Republicans, belittling Democrats and not wanting to accept some responsibility for being a part of global warming, it’s easy to understand why Kansas politics is dominated by Republicans.

I wandered around Hobby Lobby the other day and noticed most of the products say “Made in China.” Last time I checked, China persecutes Christians and is the abortion capital of the world. I don’t understand why women’s contraceptives are bad and products from China are OK.

Working for the employer that you want to have employing you is not a right. No one forces us to apply to any workplace or accept its terms of employment. It boils down to a corporation that has strong religious beliefs that puts those beliefs into action, even with its benefit package.

We cannot expect our president to show any strength to overcome the problems that we face today. The truth is, we have a very weak and detached president. He thinks only of votes, not of what is best for America. Interestingly, he is soon to be done in “public service.”

Ignorance and low intelligence are truly rampant when there are people who state they don’t care if the CIA, FBI or NSA reads their e-mails or taps their cellphones. What they don’t know and can’t comprehend will hurt them.

The other day I was talking to my friend on the phone about how to mind my own business. Now that’s a conversation the state can listen in on.

It’s not difficult to alter the Earth’s climate. In the early 1800s a giant volcano erupted across the Atlantic. New England newspapers of that time reveal that there wasn’t a summer that year. It was very cool. The volcanic ash reduced the sun’s rays.

Now we’re going to have a fight over whether or not to call the North High athletic teams “Redskins.” Is there no end to the stupidity in Kansas?

I wonder if city officials are at all concerned that the Lord got so fed up with waiting on them to clean up the sandy mess on our streets that he sent the rains to wash it away.

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