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July 7, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (July 7)

You’re right. We should use its proper name, the Democratic People’s Party.

You’re right. We should use its proper name, the Democratic People’s Party.

Worst president ever. Impeach Obama now.

Maybe all the people who bash Obama are really mad at themselves. They voted him in once, then did it again. Whose fault is that?

Funny. Polls show that Obama is the worst president since World War II. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and anyone with working brains cells has been saying that since 2008. When will you fools ever learn? You vote for a loser, you get a loser.

Why is it when a Democrat is elected to a second presidential term, nut-job congressional Republicans threaten impeachment? Instead of tearing down elected presidents to overturn an election that didn’t go their way, these folks should try offering coherent positive plans for moving the country forward.

Obama is infamous for blaming all the country’s ills on George Bush. We owe a $17 trillion debt. Vladimir Putin is making a fool of him. He is not respected in other countries. He has made this country weaker. His excuses are getting old and tired.

The four radical left-wing justices on the U.S. Supreme Court do not believe in religious freedom.

I would just like to see where in the U.S. Constitution it states that you have to be either Catholic or Jewish to be on the U.S. Supreme Court. If people really want to see the reasons for all the pro-choice laws being overturned, one might want to look there first.

I wonder what kind of maternity benefits Hobby Lobby offers its full- and part-time employees.

Men govern women’s rights to supposedly hold down welfare and child support costs, strengthen families and minimize divorce. Solution: Fight discrimination with discrimination, with women’s only insurance, owned and operated by women.

I was a single working mother and somehow I managed to see that my children had three meals a day. Free school meals should be only for the truly needy, not for the lazy and irresponsible.

I am surprised the self-righteous Cal Thomas had to consult the dictionary for the definition of “arrogance.” He could have simply held himself up as an example.

If I were Sen. Pat Roberts, I wouldn’t be claiming I fought hard against Obamacare because voters don’t like failure. Let’s give Milton Wolf a chance.

A skeptical Opinion Line reader stated that believing mere human beings were able to affect global warming was equivalent to believing a lone individual breaking wind in Wichita could cause the city to evacuate. Actually, I work with that individual.

Kansas leaders have declared people without a degree in education can be teachers. Next, will be chiropractors be certified to do brain surgery?

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