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07/06/2014 12:00 AM

07/03/2014 5:21 PM

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So now that corporations are citizens and can donate unlimited amounts to candidates and hold religious views, are they going to be voting next?

Let’s rename the Supreme Court the Supreme Synod of the United States.

Supporters of life, marriage and religious liberty got a win as the Supreme Court ruled against the HHS mandate requiring companies to provide specific forms of birth control under Obamacare. It’s the correct decision in the battle of religious freedom and conscience rights versus confused sexual progressivism.

So what about my freedom of religion – freedom from having the ideas or beliefs of other religions forced on me?

Women employees of Hobby Lobby are offered 16 methods of birth control. Do not listen to the politicians who lie about this. They are disgusting. Know the truth.

Two scary things happened Monday: Four Supreme Court justices stated they do not understand the U.S. Constitution, and Democrats stated they were upset that five justices did understand it.

It’s illegal to abuse and dump pets, while dumping children at our national border is heralded by many as acceptable. Go figure.

The biggest impediment to being exceptional is the belief that you already are.

Any candidate who will do away with income taxes and property taxes has my vote. All pet projects, library, mass transit, etc., should be funded by user taxes. Also, start having parents pay for their own kids’ schooling, lunches, etc. Stop freeloading off of taxpayers.

Paul Davis is a soldier in Obama’s war on the middle class.

Due to Gov. Sam Brownback’s refusal to expand Medicaid, the state has lost more than $169 million since Jan. 1. The Kansas Hospital Association has an online ticker where you can watch the lost dollars accumulate. I don’t understand refusing money in this amount just to make a statement.

Someone (Obama maybe?) must have replaced Brownback’s shot of adrenaline for the Kansas economy with a shot of saline water.

Our president doesn’t get much love from Kansans, but if you ever want to direct your hostility toward the real wrenches in the gears of political progress, look to those who have attempted to block the Affordable Care Act at least 57 times.

You folks don’t know how lucky you are to be able to vote for Mike Pompeo. I wish I were in his district. He’s a “take no prisoners” guy. Anytime you have a West Point graduate representing you, you have a winner.

Todd Tiahrt knows that it takes a lot more than being against Obama, Obamacare, taxes and regulation to create jobs for Kansas. When the government needs work done to run the country, Tiahrt will see to it that a fair share of that work is done by Kansans.

I’m sure glad that Richard Crowson didn’t retire. His editorial cartoons are timely and to the point, and very funny. Keep it up.

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