Opinion Line Extra (July 1)

07/01/2014 12:00 AM

06/30/2014 5:52 PM

I’d like to thank my boss, Gov. Sam Brownback, for the generous, and promised, $250 employee bonus. That amounts to 1 1/4 cents for every hour I worked for him last year. No respect for educators and no respect for state employees equals no support in November.

Sadly, people who are puppets of the NRA do not realize that organization’s primary motivations are profits and power at the expense of firearm proliferation that causes increases in shooting tragedies.

Shame on those who don’t understand that the right to bear arms is granted to people, not militias. It is granted to people so they can form militias if need arises.

Don’t you pro-gunners realize that traffic laws only apply to the good people? Why have traffic laws and require insurance? The bad guys drive around and do what they want anyway. I just want to go to my kid’s baseball game without worrying about some irate parent packing heat.

Mike Pompeo brags that he has voted against the Affordable Care Act 57 times. Each vote costs approximately $1 million each. So he has thrown $57 million of taxpayer dollars away for no reason. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

The very fact that Americans for Prosperity is lauding Pompeo for his congressional efforts and achievements (”Stop subsidies,” June 27 Letters to the Editor) is all the reason I need to look elsewhere for a more suitable candidate.

An honest person would concede that most Americans do not find the word “redskins” offensive, and an honest person would concede that at its creation the trademark for the Washington Redskins was not considered offensive.

It is time for the USD 259 school board to realize that what is happening to the Washington Redskins should happen to the North High Redskins. If board member Lynn Rogers doesn’t get it, override his vote.

Fixing the VA will require breaking the grip of federal labor unions. The VA is a union shop where rules benefit employees, not the veterans who come into the system for help. The VA desperately needs a complete overhaul.

Sterilization should be mandatory for men and women who are convicted of child abuse, child molestation, child neglect or murder.

It is vital that all immigrants be assimilated into the general population. We want them to be true Americans. It is fine if they want to recognize Cinco de Mayo, but they should also want to celebrate our Flag Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day.

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