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June 29, 2014

Opinion Line (June 29)

If you don’t like the scandal in the White House, check back tomorrow.

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If you don’t like the scandal in the White House, check back tomorrow.

It seems as if the mess the Obama administration has placed itself in with the IRS abusing its power is similar to Frodo destroying the One Ring. The Tower of Mordor is fracturing and beginning to fall.

The president of the United States should have served in the military in defense of the U.S. before being referred to as the commander in chief. Otherwise, how offensive – and undermining to those who have served and sacrificed.

Congress should not get better medical care than the military.

The U.S. bringing democracy to Iraq? Sorry, but you can’t give what you don’t have.

History knows that the current situation in Iraq is due entirely to the Cheney-Bush invasion. There was no way to prevent the country from collapsing as soon as we left.

I refuse to vote for any congressional candidate who vows to repeal the Affordable Care Act and leave 8 million people without health insurance.

We’re being saturated with campaign ads and bombarded with robocalls from Mike Pompeo. Todd Tiahrt must really have him shaking in his boots. However, no politician whose campaign tactics are more annoying than informative will get my vote.

One Pompeo TV ad is confusing. It seems as if he thinks the tanker deal for the Air Force and McConnell Air Force base somehow rode in on his coattails. Maybe if I hear the ad another 12 times a day, I’ll figure out what his point is.

Pompeo just voted to continue back-door NSA searches against Americans without a warrant. The man shows no regard or respect for our Fourth Amendment privacy rights.

I, for one, do not care if the CIA or FBI or NSA or whoever reads my e-mails or taps my cellphones, because what a snore-fest they would have. If you’re not doing anything highly unlawful, what possible difference could it make?

It is really nice to see 9-0 decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court. There should be more.

Put a hold on increasing the salaries of county commissioners, the county manager and his assistants. Better yet, reduce them by at least 10 percent. We all know the commissioners’ positions are pretty much part time. If we cannot afford to operate the boys ranch, cut expenses until we can.

The Canal Route (I-135) was completed nearly 35 years ago. The Kansas Turnpike (I-35 locally) has existed for nearly 60 years. I find it amazing some people still don’t know the difference. The Kansas Star Casino even advertises itself as being south of Wichita on “I-135.”

Soccer is just a bunch of guys running around trying to score. Pretty much like my dating life in my early 20s.

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