Opinion Line Extra (June 30)

06/30/2014 12:00 AM

06/27/2014 5:24 PM

I don’t get it. You don’t have money to feed your kids breakfast and lunch during the school year. You don’t have money to pay for their meals during summer vacation. However, I see you in line buying fireworks. You all of a sudden have money for that?

Your demanding your rights under the Constitution does not give you the right to trash anyone else’s.

Hats off to the guy in California who is (legally) using aerial drones to record the police violating people’s rights and posting it online. The police are out of control.

For the search the police conducted on Thursday for the bank robber, they needed drone technology for quick response and less manpower.

The United States economy is shrinking, and in doing so it moves ever closer to the Obama/Democrat-designed ultimate conclusion.

What is happening to our veterans at the VA hospitals is going to happen to you through the Affordable Care Act.

If only I could be as broke as Hillary Clinton. She forgot to mention where all her money was going besides to pay on their mortgages for several homes – lawyers to the tune of $11 million to pay off the scandals caused by her husband’s affairs.

Charging exorbitant legal consultation fees for promoting and drafting anti-voter and anti-immigrant laws from Arizona to Pennsylvania is tough on Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. He has a hard time finding five hours for a weekly golf game while milking his national fame.

Huh? You mean there are some people who got a refund from the state?

As I drive K-96 and watch the trash hill grow, I wonder if it would be better to use the $90 million on a new incinerator so that we finally solve a problem of what to do with our trash rather than put it off like we did before.

I hope my mute button holds up from all Pat Roberts and Mike Pompeo commercials. I think it was invented for precisely that reason.

Every year for more than 50 years the same streets have flooded in Wichita during a tremendous rainstorm. And we need a new library? Get real, city of Wichita planners.

I’m trying to pinpoint when exactly people got the idea that they have a “right” to not be offended.

The Washington Redskins name defiles the American Indian about as much as the Green Bay Packers name defiles meat processors. It doesn’t.

Could some of those who get so much ink in The Eagle complaining about “the drought” please come out to my house and mow the grass?

When I often see walkers and joggers risking their lives on roadways, I find it amazing many more are not killed or seriously injured.

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