Opinion Line (June 30)

06/30/2014 12:00 AM

06/27/2014 5:24 PM

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An “at-will” employee can be called in and dismissed without review or explanation. Teachers are not at-will employees. They are professionals working under a contract. It is illegal for teachers to strike in the state of Kansas. They need due process. This is reality, not whining.

I’m sure glad the Wichita school board has an extra $500,000 to make the school cafeterias more pleasant. It might as well add waitstaff, padded chairs and piped-in music. Who is going to profit from fixing up the cafeterias?

Why is the federal government, which is broke, funding six firefighters for the city of Wichita?

What Kris Kobach has accomplished in Kansas is nothing short of the injustice that was carried out for years in Mississippi. The motivations behind his actions are the same: Disenfranchise the weak and the old. Stand up, Kansas.

People equate the Kochs to Democratic Party supporter George Soros and others. But Democratic Party supporters more often than not announce their support and spending plans – the antithesis of the Kochs and their allies. They want unlimited influence without accountability for their fictions.

Hillary Clinton as president and Michelle Obama as vice president? I’ve got to quit reading Opinion Line at the breakfast table. My wife didn’t appreciate me spraying coffee all over the paper.

Thank you, columnist Leonard Pitts, for restating the obvious – that 7.5 billion people digging, burning and dumping whatever they like into this tiny Earth has to be warming it up. And fixing it is not the enemy of commerce but rather, with new technologies, an ally.

My 16-year-old granddaughter is working two jobs. Why is she giving up normal fun of a teenager to help the family with money? Because the Kansas courts, lawyers, judges and child support representatives don’t enforce the law of child support on her drunken dad. Shame on Kansas.

Can anyone tell me why the benches along Second Street are turned with the backs to the street?

So if I buy my fireworks in a tent, is that where I can shoot them off? Wouldn’t that be a problem for other shoppers?

Here comes July Fourth, and the people who get carried away with no consideration of others. The noise will begin before the Fourth and go on after it. No sleep, scaring animals, accidents, burns, wasting money people don’t have. What happened to fireworks on July 4 only?

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