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June 28, 2014

Opinion Line (June 28)

I remember when the U.S. sent a few “advisers” to Vietnam.

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I remember when the U.S. sent a few “advisers” to Vietnam.

The old Arab Spring foolishness is pretty much sprung. The Middle East is in turmoil, so fill your tanks before the price skyrockets. Didn’t our president win the Nobel Peace Prize for his ability to bring peace to the world by the strength of his otherworldly gifts?

In his new ad, Rep. Mike Pompeo states he has voted against Obamacare 57 times. What a good example of the ineffectiveness of the current House of Representatives.

The Republican House is finally getting around to suing Obama for his overuse of executive powers. It is about three years too late.

The June 22 Parade Magazine cover story about an arrogant and unqualified president was not something I read. More than half of Americans feel the same. All he cares about are politics and himself.

Single moms victims of their own bad decisions? Maybe sometimes, but more often than not they are victims of men who do not have the morals to respect their wedding vows and predatory females who disrespect other women. A return to good values and morals would be beneficial all around.

I was a “single mom.” I got married, had three kids (same dad), was walked out on and got no help from him. My bad decision was to believe his lies.

Now that the Presbyterian Church (USA) has voted to walk away from the Bible’s authority on marriage by condoning same-sex “marriages,” we can understand its shrinking congregations.

Instead of compelling people who are gay to go to bogus therapy sessions to try to “change” them to heterosexual, we ought to encourage those who irrationally fear and hate gay people to seek legitimate therapy for their own issues.

The most positive headline in Thursday’s Eagle: “Decision could nullify Kan. ban on gay marriage.”

Kudos to Denise Neil for her tender and detailed review of the James Taylor concert. I almost felt as if I were there.

Crestview Country Club Ladies Golf does have some members with their noses in the air. Raise your glasses to the tweeter.

I may have soccer fever now, but it is only because players like Kim Roentved, Jeff Bourne and Jorgen Kristensen introduced me to indoor soccer in the late ’70s and ’80s. Thanks, guys.

People who spray Roundup on other people’s lawns better take a good look before doing that type of vandalism. Some of us have video cameras from all angles of our house.

How many Viagra commercials must we be forced to watch? Enough is enough.

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