Opinion Line (June 27)

06/27/2014 12:00 AM

06/26/2014 5:45 PM

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Everyone talks about bad bosses. Where’s all the talk about bad employees? The ones who feel entitled, the slackers, the ones who let others do the work, the ones who take too many cigarette breaks, etc. Let’s even the field regarding bad bosses versus bad employees.

How is it that people who work in government have everything paid for by taxpayers? Cellphones, cars, health insurance, who knows what else. Live like taxpayers and maybe we wouldn’t have such great deficits. They are living large on the rest of us.

If not for Todd Tiahrt, those new refueling tankers Mike Pompeo is claiming credit for bringing to McConnell would be Airbus tankers instead of Boeing tankers.

Pompeo’s TV ad regarding President Obama not liking our airplane workers and their families is all about the Republican hate for our president.

Rep. Mike Pompeo’s campaign ads say he “believes in me,” and I guess that’s why I should vote for him. I think Pompeo has this exactly backward. I will vote for Pompeo only if I believe in him.

We need to hold the Obama administration accountable for its constitutional obligation. I stand alongside Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Mike Pompeo, who are co-sponsoring legislation halting the transfer of Guantanamo prisoners until the administration finally justifies the release of the Taliban Five.

If folks could use their Vision cards to buy deodorant and soap, instead of Pepsi and potato chips, maybe the time they spend on taxpayer assistance could be reduced. It would certainly make them more attractive to any potential employers.

I saw two young ladies pull into a handicapped parking place at Sam’s with a handicapped sign hanging from the mirror. As they walk toward the front door I’m thinking they are clearly not handicapped when one walks straight into a pole. Guess I was wrong.

What’s with all the human interest stories on the front page of The Eagle? Is there not enough going on around the world to make headlines?

About Kansas being the fourth-most boring state (June 24 Eagle): What did you expect? Our culture has allowed people and adults to expect instant gratification. I find everything anything but boring. The Eagle has done a great job listing things to see locally, and I love small day trips.

Please, local weathermen, form a co-op, a local weather channel, and leave regular programming alone. It’s terrible what you do to the viewers.

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