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June 26, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (June 26)

I guess Iraq needed a harsh dictator in Saddam Hussein to keep everyone in line.

I guess Iraq needed a harsh dictator in Saddam Hussein to keep everyone in line.

Thanks, Charles Krauthammer, for pointing out that the chaos in Iraq is Obama’s fault (June 21 Opinion). I thought it was Bush who decided Saddam must go, pronounced “mission accomplished” in May 2003 and scheduled troop withdrawal before he retired. Thanks for setting me straight.

Since the warring factions in Iraq have been fighting since the beginning of time, it is only logical to assume the end date of their hostilities will be as the sun extinguishes and not before.

Stay out of Iraq.

The tea party isn’t far right-wing. It is middle America and consists of Republicans, independents and Democrats who are tired of seeing their country messed up by politicians.

I saw the story headlined “World waits for Hillary to decide whether she’ll run” (June 22 Eagle). Seriously? Who? Al-Qaida? Haven’t we had enough lies and cover-ups with Obama? We don’t need another Clinton.

Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and any other politician can feebly attempt to downplay their wealth, but each has taken in more money in one year than many people make in a lifetime, especially as a result of the Obama Democrat economy.

Why can the IRS can get by with blatant lying and deceiving us when it would hang any of us little people out to dry without batting an eye? Why are “we the people” accepting this? Fire the thugs, and without million-dollar retirements.

Congratulations to the IRS chief on his temerity to stand up to the congressional Republican bullies who use hearings to further their political careers.

We are being invaded on our southern border by illegal immigrant children. We now have 53,000 in this country and more coming every day. President Obama’s policies are the root cause of this mess, using executive powers to circumvent our laws. Call your congressman.

Please stop submitting logical and rational objections to Obama’s failure as a leader to Opinion Line. They are harder to refute than the racist comments.

If the city of Wichita wants to raise the sales tax, let’s vote on one item at a time. Quit adding other items, like more money to create jobs. I will not vote for more than one item at a time. If the rest of you people would get smart and do the same, that would stop this activity.

There is nothing humane about industrial agriculture. The unnecessary suffering and death are grotesque. And just because consumers side with farmers now doesn’t mean it’s right. People sided with slavery for centuries.

If the Redskins were not from Washington, but were from Cincinnati or Atlanta, there would be no controversy, proving this whole discussion is just another liberal-based lie.

Only thing more stupid than soccer: soccer fans.

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