Opinion Line Extra (June 25)

06/25/2014 12:00 AM

06/24/2014 6:12 PM

If ancient astronauts really did visit this planet in the distant past, and bestow upon the barbaric and ignorant inhabitants the idea of gods and the worship thereof, I wish they would come back and clean up the mess they created.

Just in case no one has noticed, the Iraqi people were better off under Saddam. At least there was no open warfare, the streets were safe, and business was normal.

Have you heard? The White House just announced that Bo the White House dog ate the Lerner e-mails.

The Obamas were smiling on Parade Magazine because we have fed Michelle’s mom for six years and we are paying for his golf games and their extravagant trips, their daughters’ spring break trips and their parties that disgrace the White House. Meanwhile, he is destroying our great nation.

After reading through the Sunday Eagle, I about puked when I saw Obama on the cover of Parade Magazine. But I did need a new lining for the bottom of the bird cage.

What gives politicians the audacity to use God to get elected? I’m not so sure God would be too happy about someone using him or her.

Ever wonder why Kansas is the laughingstock of the nation? Think lesser prairie chicken.

Anyone else tired of judges legislating from the bench and overturning the will of the people? These judges have got to go.

Mike Pompeo has something against the president because his campaign ads say so.

I recently had the privilege to meet Rep. Mike Pompeo, a nice person. If I could vote for him I sure would. Unfortunately, I don’t live in his district.

School taxes are more than necessary. Our federal government tells our schools they must accept illegal immigrants, then they should pay to educate them. Too often, they dodge paying taxes and the result is that taxes being paid by law-abiding citizens keep increasing. Enough is enough.

Just about the time you think college expenses can’t get any worse, the Kansas Board of Regents approves 1.5 percent raises for the chief executive officers of five of our universities.

There isn’t enough soap in Kansas to wash the egg off Brownback’s face now that he has to borrow money to pay the bills he had covered before his silly tax cuts. The Democratic “I told you so’s” are hanging over Topeka like storm clouds over the Flint Hills.

I’m surely glad my TV remote has a mute button that I can use when those political ads come on. I’m sick of them already.

I think the Redskins should keep their name, but they should change their logo to a certain type of potato.

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