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June 25, 2014

Opinion Line (June 25)

I simply cannot decide if the bigger fools are the majority of the politicians in Topeka or the people who elected them.

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I simply cannot decide if the bigger fools are the majority of the politicians in Topeka or the people who elected them.

Obama tells the world what we can’t do in Iraq. It makes more sense to put 10,000 soldiers into Iraq than it does to still have thousands of troops in Germany, Italy and Japan 70 years after World War II ended.

Sending only 300 troops into Iraq is a suicide mission, and Obama should be held responsible.

I definitely remember George W. Bush putting on a big, macho show by flying onto a carrier that was sporting a big banner declaring that the Iraq operation of 2003 was successful. His presidency was a sad joke for the country and the world.

Congress should stop all foreign aid to these countries where the children came from until they stop the flood of children crossing the border into the United States. This situation is more critical to U.S. security than Iraq.

Whatever happened to the more than 270 girls kidnapped in Nigeria?

Smart, educated women like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama would be a great ticket. You go, girls.

Let’s combine the Republican and Democratic parties into a Socialist Party. Then we can start up the Conservative Party. It seems like the Republicans and Democrats have a monopoly on the electoral process.

Rep. Darrell Issa should just ask Edward Snowden or his friends at the NSA for the “lost” e-mails. Any IT person can tell you they were not stored only on a hard drive on a personal computer.

It’s pretty sad when a corrupt agency such as the IRS can lie, cheat and steal a person’s livelihood and bank account right out from underneath their noses.

Most drivers in this city should have a big sign on their vehicle that reads, “I don’t care about anybody but myself so I am going to drive any way I want.” We are having so many wrecks because drivers are not paying attention and are in too big of a hurry.

So after the weekend there was no media coverage of the Wichita Wild winning the Champions Professional Indoor Football League championship for the second year in a row on Saturday. Thanks, guys. Congratulations to coach Paco Martinez and the Wichita Wild. Fantastic year.

After pushing the lawnmower these past two weekends, give me the snowblower any time.

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